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Nivecraft Precision Cue Care Products

Billiard accessories from Nivecraft are precise tip tools that players want

Billiard accessories from Nivecraft are precise tip tools that players want

Billiard accessories from Nivecraft are precise tip tools that players wantBilliard accessories from Nivecraft are precise tip tools that players want
A selection of the most precise cue tip shaper tools by Nivecraft

Nivecraft makes Precision Billiards Cue Care Products

 Nivecraft manufacturers and distributes the most innovative billiards cue tip tools in the industry. Please browse the products below to see which ones work best for you.

  • The Original Pocket Lathe is a compact set of two roller guide assemblies. You can rest your pool cue shaft or whole billiard  cue on the rubber covered roller guides to check shaft straightness or shape your tip while spinning.
  • The NEW Pocket Lathe Pro is the latest innovation in cue tip shaping tools. It provides lathe cut precision by guiding a nickel or dime shaper across the top of your tip while spinning perfectly around the shaft. A hook and loop strap clamps onto the shaft securely while you gently spin the cue on the floor.
  • Quick Tip Shapers come in nickel or dime shape. All shapers work with the Original pocket Lathe or the Pocket Lathe Pro. They all come with 120 Grit replaceable aluminum oxide abrasive inserts.
  • Nivecraft supplies precision cue tip tools to players, dealers, distributors and gamerooms all around the globe. We ship to destinations all over the world for a nominal shipping fee. You can go to the Dealer/Distributor section to see get a shipping estimate. Or just request a quote with shipping to see your cost.


- The ORIGINAL Pocket Lathe

- The NEW Pocket Lathe Pro

- Nickel Shape Quick Tip Shaper

- Dime Shape Quick Tip Shaper

- Assortment of abrasive inserts

The NEW Pocket Lathe Pro

The NEW Pocket Lathe Pro shapes your cue tip with lathe cut accuracy without even looking.

Pocket Lathe Pro Features:

- Guide works with nickel or dime Quick Tip shaper
- Made of durable polycarbonate, virtually unbreakable

- Fits easily in a small case pocket
- Shapes cue to perfect lathe cut crown without looking
- Reduces cue tip loss due to inaccurate shaping

- -Comes in translucent green or black 

Everything is just a scuffer!

The Original Pocket Lathe

The ORIGINAL Pocket Lathe has been a favorite cue tip shaping tool for more than 20 years

Pocket Lathe FEatures:


The Pocket Lathe features:
- Rubber rollers provide precision shaft guide without marking
- Simply the best way to keep a precision crown on your cue tip.
- (2) Compact Roller Assemblies fit easily into case pocket
- Includes 5" Long Nickel Quick Tip and replaceable 120 Grit abrasive
- Spin the shaft or whole cue and check for straightness or warping
- Make your favorite shaper tool work better by spinning on the shaft center

Quick Tip Shapers

Nivecraft Nickel Quick Tip Shaper Set

Quick Tip Shaper Features:

  •  5" and  8" Long Nickel or Dime Shape Quick Tip Shaper Set With 6 PC Assortment of Abrasive Inserts. 2 each 150,120,100 Grit Aluminum Oxide.
  • Replaceable abrasive inserts are precision cut to fit tightly in the shaper body.
  • Shapers are precision crowned Nickel or Dime and made of .07" thick unbreakable Black PVC
  • Gentle cutting action of these shapers prevents damage to the most expensive laminated tips

Abrasive Inserts


Assortment of abrasive Inserts Features:

  • Replaceable abrasive inserts are aluminum oxide c weight
  • 15 PC assortment is 5 each of 150, 120, 100 Grit
  • Inserts are accurately cut  to fit the Quick Tip Shapers tightly
  • Abrasive papers are manufactured with much higher quality and precision than other abrasive products sold for cue tip shaping