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Nivecraft Precision Cue Care Products

Billiard accessories from Nivecraft are precise tip tools that players want

About Nivecraft


 Nivecraft is located in Plymouth, Wl about 50 miles northwest of Milwaukee. My name is Michael Niver. I have been playing pool in Wisconsin for over 35 years and I still love to play. I had a hard time figuring out how to keep my cue in top notch condition with the current products offered.  Yes, there are other scuffer tools and shaper tools but none that gave me confidence that I could create an accurate tip shape consistently.  Especially when not at home where I have time and tools. So, 20 years ago I decided to design some NEW billiard accessories to make it easier for players to take care of their cue tip at home or on the road. Nivecraft products are original and engineered to work like no other products on the market today. I use my products on my own cue to keep my game very competitive.  I am confident that my tip is the best it can be when starting an important match.    Nivecraft is inventing new products for pool players of all skill levels. Our new products are designed to maintain your cue tip in perfect condition, fast and easy. All Nivecraft products are engineered and market tested to be valuable tools for players. Nivecraft products deliver a winning edge to help players learn faster, play better, and have more fun!   Nivecraft is committed to improving the pool and billiard experience for all. level of players. Distributors and game room owners can expect excellent products at the right price with uncompromised delivery and customer service. Nivecraft ships products to players and distributors all over the world for a reasonable fee. Please feel free to give comments and feedback about Nivecraft products. We will continually use feedback to improve our products and create new ones. Thank You for your interest in Nivecraft.  Sincerely,  Michael A. Niver,